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mercredi 1 avril 2009

From A to Z.

Et en english, pliz.

A is for age : 24 in two days...
B is for booze of choice : Sheridan's or Hydromel Chouchen.
C is for career : I'm a make up artist.
D is for your last dentist appointment : Oh, dentist, right, they still exist...
E is for essential items you use everyday : Money.
F is for favorite song at the moment : Anything from the Quills, actually.
G is for favorite games : The Sims, 1, 2, and soon 3, MKDS, Worms 2, ...
H is for hometown : Paris and Brisbane.
I is for instruments you play : Piano, and soon guitar.
J is for Jam flavor on your PBJ : Rose, violet or blackberry.
K is for kids you last saw : Cute girl in the plane from Melbourne.
L is for last kiss : Yesterday.
M is for fondest memory : Euh...
N is for name of your crush : Changes too often.
O is for overnight hospital stays : Never.
P is for phobias : Highs, spider, bees, being hurt, ...
Q is for favorite Quote : Carpe diem.
R is for biggest regrets : I probably have a few, but don't remember right now.
S is for status : Single.
T is for time you wake up : Naturally around midday.
U is for underwear type : All you can find for a girl, with a recent preference for tangas.
V is for vegetable you love : Carrots, brocolis, potatoes (I know they're not really veggies, but I love them).
W is for worst habit : I make mess everywhere. And I'm slow.
X is for x-rays you’ve had : Nose, twice broken, hips, cause I'm a girl from Brittany, and probably hand (finger twisted) and teeth, to see if my wisdom teeth are going to grow.
Y is for yummy food you make : I love to bake, so probably my cakes. That's a lot of rhymes in ake...
Z is for last Zoo visited : Sydney mini zoo and a Tasmanian wild life sanctuary.

Little list found at MonsieurLâm's.

(For the links, today I'm too lazy, but you can find everything in my blogroll right on the left of this page).

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